Fine Tuning


We provide at site services for Axis Fine Tuning on Fagor CNC Controllers (8070/8065/8055). This method would enhance surface accuracy and overall performance of the Machine. Axis Fine Tuning would reduce the mechanical stresses on your machine and it also reduces the machining cycle time of the part programs. Performance of a 5-Axes Machine with RTCP feature may heavily depend on Axis Fine Tuning which could eliminates any possible vibration on your machine and increases the surface quality as well.

  • Servo Systems Gain Adjustments
  • Minimizing the following Error (Axes lag)
  • Eliminating the possible overshoot
  • Offset Adjustments for analog systems
  • Ball-Bar test and reversal spike minimization
  • Acceleration and Jerk control
  • Look-Ahead and High Speed Machining
  • CAD/CAM systems Post Processor Optimization