Modeling and Design

Computer Modeling would guide you to design a more reliable machine which would have a better performance at minimum cost. Reducing the size of the mechanical components as well as Drives and Motors would be a great benefit of utilizing computer modeling. Fama provides Mechanical Modeling Services to help you design your machine as well as select its optimized configuration.

Axis Dynamic Modeling is a method to model the dynamic behaviour of the CNC axes on a computer. This method would allow you to predict any abnormality or design flaw in axes dynamics for different situations such as spindle load or High Speed movements. The Model is introduced into MATLAB and it takes the following parameters into consideration.

  • Motor and Ballscrew Moment of Inertia
  • Motor and Drive Power
  • Servo Drive System Response Time
  • Static and Dynamic Friction of the guideways and ballscrew
  • Feed Rate and Acceleration Time and Acceleration Jerk
  • PID parameters in Current Loop, Speed Loop and Position Loop
  • Backlash
  • Mixing Encoder/Scale Feedbacks
  • Unbalanced Axis (Counter Balance System Dynamics)
  • Cutting Force Disturbance

After introducing the parameters into the model and applying different patterns of positioning inputs, it is possible to evaluate the output and modify the parameters to enhance the axis performance. This Model can be used for linear and rotary axes as well as robotic arms and in general all types of the positioning servo control systems.