Discover the excellence of FAMA Technology, an esteemed Fagor Automation Authorized Integrator (FAI). With an extensive range of expertise in Fagor Automation’s CNC controls, AC Brushless Digital Servo Motors, Drives, and Feedback Systems, we bring a comprehensive understanding of these technologies to cater to your unique production requirements.

Leveraging our proficiency with the 8070, 8065, 8055, and 8035 CNC controls, we stand ready to offer optimal solutions tailored to your needs. Our capabilities extend to sophisticated PLC programming, customized cycles and interfaces, subroutine macros, and powerful yet flexible special part programming for diverse applications.

Benefit from our vast experience in these cutting-edge products, ensuring that every project is executed to meet your specifications with utmost satisfaction. Our commitment to efficiency minimizes downtime and eliminates false starts, providing you with a reliable and prompt solution. Trust FAMA Technology as your strategic partner, making it your premier investment for unmatched performance and success.