Portable CNC Mill

ProMax20 is a portable CNC Mill for onsite machining and repair. This CNC Mill designed to drill, mill, bore and thread holes, up to Ø10” X 19” deep, for on-site metalworking.

– Fagor conversational advance CNC controller
– Designed to bore and thread hole diameters up to Ø10” X 19” deep.
– Design with high rigidity, accuracy, and repeatability
– Accuracy <0.0005” (0.01mm), Repeatability 0.0001” (< 0.004mm)
– Trough Coolant to ejects chips during operation from deep holes.
– Capable of Milling, drilling, tapping, and threading.



– Designed for the accurate removal of cracked or broken studs up to 11” diameter and the precise
– refurbishment of damaged threads. Typical examples include manway covers and reactor studs,
– Power Generation Turbines (Nuclear/Gas/Hydro)
– Reactors
– Large Mixers
– Large Presses…


Main Features:

– A compact design with Ground Precision Steel Frame with maximum rigidity and stability.
– Number of Axes: 3 (X, Y, Z) with high precision gearboxes and absolute encoders
– Servo Spindle: 2000RPM/ 115N.m with 1024 Pulses Encoder for precision tapping
– Axes Travel: X=10”, Y=10”, Z = 20”
– Spindle Taper: HSK63A, Easy Manual Tool Change
– Precision Ground Ballscrews and Precision high rigidity roller
– Controller Roll About Cabinet:
– – Fagor Advance CNC Controller with full worldwide support
– – Fagor Digital Servo Drives with Fiber Optic Communication
– – Fagor Permanent Magnet Brushless Servo Motors with brake on all axes,
– – 20ft extension cables between the machine and the cabinet
– – Motors with absolute encoders, no homing is required after a startup
– – Selectable Axes Handwheel with 10ft cord
– – Main Voltage: 480VAC-30A 3 phase.
– – Easy Disconnect from the machine
– – Roll in back door compartment for the cables
– Renishaw RPM-60 Touch Probe to locate the position of the center of a hole accurately and easily
– User Friendly Conversational Cycles
– – Thread Milling
– – Bore Milling (Spiral Milling)
– – Rectangular, Circular, and irregular Pocket/Boss Milling
– – Geometric Profile Editor
– – Drilling, Reaming, Center punch
– – Rigid Tapping
– – Bolt hole and rectangular patterns